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More than 330,000 stem cell transplants are performed each year. The procedure cures cancer, blood disorders such as leukemia, HIV, and even rebuilds organs. Treatments are similar to cancer procedures: chemotherapy &/or radiation are used to remove stem cells from the bone marrow and then they are replaced.

Transplant Handbook for Patients describes what will happen on a day-by-day basis. Written from a patient’s point of view, the author provides solutions and first-hand knowledge that could only come from a successful author who has undergone this amazing medical experience.

Patients undergoing stem cell transplants have many questions. Until now, there was little information available.

You will discover:

➜ The many medical options. Deciding on procedures.

➜ Donors. Their selection, preparation, and procedures.

➜ Testing of patients and donors. What to expect.

➜ Preparing to leave home for two months. How to prepare and what to pack.

➜ Day-by-day hospital events you can anticipate.

➜ Post-transplant care. What you should do and what to avoid.

➜ The caregiver’s role.

➜ Paperwork. Forms you can expect.

➜ Expenses, insurance, and financial assistance. Who will pay for what?

➜ Appendix, full of resources.

Whether you are a patient, caregiver, or family member, this book will provide you with never-before-recorded details on what you will face in the transplant procedure.

Ebook ISBN 978-1-56860-163-2, 262 pages, $9.97, © 2014
With photographs, videos, audios, and text references.
Category: Health & Fitness/Diseases/Cancer/Stem Cell-Bone Marrow Transplants